Community Domain established through a Partnership of Radio Professionals

World Radio Community On behalf of radio organizations across the globe - professional, commercial and community from all continents – the European Broadcasting Union has been given the responsibility to establish, develop and create the domain for the benefit of all involved in the world of radio. The EBU is taking on this task in collaboration with sister unions, and other industry bodies who will be involved in defining the norms for domain name allocation.

Launch is anticipated during the early part of 2017, and an exact timetable with the deadlines for application will appear on this site, once the detailed plan is established.

Graham Dixon Alain Artero
Head of Radio, EBUdotRadio TLD Manager, EBU

The European Broadcasting Union press release gives further details and context about the domain:

>>> Press Release (July 2016) <<<

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What is a Community Top Level Domain?

EBU plans to set up a World .Radio Advisory Board. Why, and who will participate?

If a radio station or other organization wishes to obtain a ".radio" URL when and how can they apply?

What should stations know about the launch period?


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